Sunday, March 27, 2016

A sad reminder

I planted a few plants today. Sitting here staring at my new babies I am reminded of when you brought your plants to Ohio so you could keep them alive. I wonder what happened to those plants. Did you let them go the way you let me go?

I got this, I saw it on Pinterest!

Oh the number of times I've said that. Typically I can do what I find on Pinterest, but I add my own twist or change it up.

I decided to make a terrarium and found a great jar at the Goodwill. I got the supplies and realized that the jar isn't big enough for all of the plants. I've got Rosemary, Lavender, a Venus Fly trap, and a pitcher plant. Gracie has been begging for bug eating plants.

Today I ended up planting the bug plants in an old fashioned candy jar that I got from the Goodwill a few years ago. It had been sitting on my counter with one (1) candy cane in it for nearly two years.

Now, looking at the rosemary and Lavender, I know I need them in two separate containers.

My thought process for the terrarium was to have an easy way to grow plants without killing them. Now I find myself  back to several containers. I'm determined not to murder these ones. 

So, here goes the journey to keeping plants alive!

PS. How is it that I can keep tiny humans alive but I'm a plant serial killer?

Friday, March 18, 2016

Two way roads

Friendships should go both ways. It's occurred to me lately that nearly all of my friends are takers. I will listen, hug, wipe tears, cry, and shun meanies for all of my friends. The moment I need comfort, Cassy and Andrew pull through. Always. Everyone else ignores any communication with me. So I've decided that I'm not being used anymore. Call me because you're having a rough time just a week after ignoring a text seeking help. I get it, we all need support, but if you're not there when I need you, why should I listen to you?

So, Cassy, Andrew, you're my go to peeps.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

New project, glass etching!!!

So much activity in my life. Just when it looked bright, the earth shook and I tumbled back down. Face forward.

So, I have had to force myself to life. Creating and focusing on the wee ones has focused me to not sleep all day and night. Still sleeping a lot, but redeveloping myself takes longer and longer each time I fall.

So I see this cute project on Pinterest. Glass etching. I like challenges, so I learned about it, bought the supplies, waited two months for a design I loved, and finally finished the mirror I was planning on for Topher's parents' 40th anniversary. A month late.

Here's the process. 

I left out the actual etching part. All it it is special cream (?) you buy at most craft stores, use a paint brush to put a thick layer over the stencil, wait five minutes and wash it off, remove stencil, and you're done!