Thursday, March 17, 2016

New project, glass etching!!!

So much activity in my life. Just when it looked bright, the earth shook and I tumbled back down. Face forward.

So, I have had to force myself to life. Creating and focusing on the wee ones has focused me to not sleep all day and night. Still sleeping a lot, but redeveloping myself takes longer and longer each time I fall.

So I see this cute project on Pinterest. Glass etching. I like challenges, so I learned about it, bought the supplies, waited two months for a design I loved, and finally finished the mirror I was planning on for Topher's parents' 40th anniversary. A month late.

Here's the process. 

I left out the actual etching part. All it it is special cream (?) you buy at most craft stores, use a paint brush to put a thick layer over the stencil, wait five minutes and wash it off, remove stencil, and you're done!

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