Sunday, March 27, 2016

I got this, I saw it on Pinterest!

Oh the number of times I've said that. Typically I can do what I find on Pinterest, but I add my own twist or change it up.

I decided to make a terrarium and found a great jar at the Goodwill. I got the supplies and realized that the jar isn't big enough for all of the plants. I've got Rosemary, Lavender, a Venus Fly trap, and a pitcher plant. Gracie has been begging for bug eating plants.

Today I ended up planting the bug plants in an old fashioned candy jar that I got from the Goodwill a few years ago. It had been sitting on my counter with one (1) candy cane in it for nearly two years.

Now, looking at the rosemary and Lavender, I know I need them in two separate containers.

My thought process for the terrarium was to have an easy way to grow plants without killing them. Now I find myself  back to several containers. I'm determined not to murder these ones. 

So, here goes the journey to keeping plants alive!

PS. How is it that I can keep tiny humans alive but I'm a plant serial killer?

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