Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dating Site Turn Offs

This dating thing is strange and new. But there are definitely things that I know bug me, and probably all women, or maybe most.

Pix with your ex. Everyone has a phone that takes pictures. I'm sure that it's not that difficult to find a decent photo. Heck, I've done it. Ok, so you look great in the ex pic, and you and your ex are friends... But I don't want to constantly be worried that she'll swoop back in.

Pix with ex/someone obviously cut out. Why is there a floating hand? Who is touch your face, making you have fishy lips? Are you holding both of those glasses of champagne? Take a selfie.

Pix with people's faces actually blurred while their bodies are still there. Really. Couldn't even crop? It's easier than smudging people out. Selfie.

Words are hard to come by. It's not easy to just pop in a conversation with a total stranger... Unless you actually read their profile! What a great source for conversation! Cute feature? Ask about it. Strange hobby? Talk about it? Simply saying hi isn't enough for the recipient to build off of. The only other info they have about you is your pic, and let's face it, if they aren't attracted to you that hi was a waste of your time. I even respond to cheesy stuff, like "How about you teach me how to crochet with pasta?" Ok, I haven't gotten that one yet, but it's close enough to what I do get.

Make an effort folks! Get that guy/girl! 

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