Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Perfect example of Narcissism. #1

My (estranged) husband's mom is textbook narcissist. Everything anyone does is never good enough. And I'm sure I can find a billion and one examples. Here is an example of how a narcissist thinks the world revolves around them, therefore they're smarter than everyone, and everyone should just know what the narcissist wants or needs in advance and be fully prepared.

I'm currently without a running vehicle. She volunteered my husband's father to take my son to an appointment today. She picked my son up yesterday on her way home from work so that my father-in-law didn't have to rush to pick him up. She texted asking for ice. I didn't get a chance to text back before she got here, so I went to the car to let her know I don't have ice, she said "Do you have a freezer?" I said yes, so she said " Do you have ice cube trays?" I said yes, then she said " Fill up the ice cube trays and put them in the freezer, then you'll have ice!" I told her that my freezer is full of food and she said "that's good, I guess"

I'm raising three of her grandkids. Feeding them is my priority. Ice is technically considered a luxury if it's not being used to keep parishable foods  from spoiling. It's not my priority to keep her beverages cold. And is rather have a freezer full of food, than a freezer full of frozen water that offers no nutrients to my kids.

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